This journey called life


So I am currently in my mid 30’s, I work as an Administrative Assistant for a great organization and every day I go to work and am reminded that something is missing in my life and career. I dream of a different life filled with a career that I love and can actually see myself doing for the next 30 something years or more.

Actually, I have been dreaming and thinking about this for quite some time now, doing constant research, looking at what others are doing and being envious of what I see. I have been trying to find my “passion”, something I have learned is not an easy thing to do. When I say I have been thinking about this for a long time now I truly mean it, it has been three or mores years now of sitting and hoping and dreaming while bouncing from contract to contract.

Well, I have finally decided that I am done with dreaming and researching and being envious, I am going to take the first step towards a life I want.

I have always been someone who loves “natural” remedies and learning about the human body and how food and lifestyle can affect ones whole life and health.

See, this all began when I became ill a few years ago and was eventually diagnosed with Epstein Bar Virus (EBV). After I thought I had made it through the worst of it I started suffering from various other ailments, IBS, ovarian cyst, vision loss, tension headaches and chronic back pain. My life seemed to be on a downward spiral and every doctor or specialist I saw just wanted to put me on another medication to try and alleviate my symptoms, never actually fixing the problem. None of them seemed to connect the dots and realize that there may have been an underlying cause that connected these.

Feeling frustrated and at my wits end, I decided to seek help from a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and quickly came to realize that I indeed did have an underlying “syndrome” that was definitely a contributing factor to all of my symptoms and other ailments. My ND ran a bunch of tests and took my full health history and realized that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I was a bit shocked as I did not fit the typical CFS patient profile. See, I was active, ate well (for the most part) and was not over weight or out of shape and did not suffer from depression. But as I learned, one of the contributors to getting CFS was having a history of EBV (which I had battled a couple years back). After a bit of research on my own, my symptoms also fit the mold for chronic EBV (which is very similar to CFS).

I finally felt a sense of relief because I now knew I was not just imagining my symptoms and that me and my Naturopath could now start to work on a plan to fix my problems and make me finally feel normal. I have been working on getting better for a while now, and although I am still not 100%, I am definitely on track and feel that  my recovery has been positive. There is always going to be work to do, CFS is just that, chronic, but I am willing and able to put in the time and effort if it means living a normal life and feeling like me again.

Along the way I have realized that I have a keen interest in nutrition and how food and supplements can really change someone’s life for the better (they have for me that’s for sure). As I began my research in finding my passion and trying to figure out what I wanted in my life and what career path I wanted to follow, I kept going back to nutrition and natural healing. I finally had a “whammy” moment, why not study nutrition and see where it can take me. So, I finally got up the courage to say “forget what others might say, I’m going to do it” and I registered at the Alive Academy in the Applied Nutrition Diploma program. Once I complete this section of my education I plan on working with clients to build a business. I will also be working towards becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor as I strongly believe fitness and nutrition go hand in had.

I can’t say I’m not scared, because I am. Who knows if this will be the right path for me or what my future might hold. All I do know is that if I want to live the life I want and be happy I need to start somewhere and I need to stop worrying about what others might say and just DO IT!!! So here goes nothing, fingers and toes crossed that this journey will be a positive one.

Well that’s all for now…I will continue to update my blog as I manoeuvre through my journey and who knows, as I proceed in my path to learn all I can about nutrition I may even begin to post a thing or two about that as well 😉 (maybe even a recipe or two).

In health and happiness 🙂

Kristen Douglas


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