Second thought

It’s Monday and that means back to the grind known as life.

Today started as one of those days where you think to yourself “I should really go back to bed”. After the coffee eruption, the near fall on our iced over driveway and then being late for work due to getting stuck  behind two school buses because I was running behind due to the coffee issue, I finally got to my cubicle.

While sitting at my desk I decided I needed to shut my brain down tonight so, movie and couch kind of evening with the hubby it was going to be. It sounds funny but this is what was keeping me going at work, the thought of relaxing with my man and dog while taking in a flick.

All that aside, it is also one of those days where I needed to go for a walk on my lunch break. During that walk I ended up where I currently am, at the local Second Cup Coffee Shop, listening to other people talk about all their ups and downs. While taking it all in I realize, maybe a rough start to my Monday morning isn’t as bad as I thought.

The lady beside me is talking about how her son is currently being assessed for a learning disability and how her good friend can’t find work and the other lady is talking about how she herself can’t secure a job and how things are tough in her life at the moment.

It makes me stop for a moment and think about all the good I have in my life. I have a good job, I’m able to pursue my passion for nutrition and wellness to focus on a new career avenue, I have a loving husband, great home and a family that is all doing well (oh and in addition to my niece and nephew I already have and love, we will be welcoming a new baby into the family soon, my little bro and his wife are due in March).

Anyway, I realize how minor all my little mishaps were from this morning and I am feeling glad that I stepped out and went for a walk and coffee break (even if it is -15 outside). I am a strong believer in stepping away from your desk (if you have the opportunity to). It always allows you to clear the brain and reset your mindset so you can go back to the office refreshed and ready to finish the day.

So really, coming to Second Cup for a top up of coffee allowed me to gather my “second thought” and head back to finish my day knowing that even with the little detours I don’t have it that bad.

Now I just need to get on that whole registering for my diploma program at Alive Academy so that I can work towards my “second career” ;).

In health and happiness 🙂

Kristen Douglas


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