A Little Bit About Me

Join me on this journey called life, pursuing new passions and figuring out what you truly want in life and how to care for “The Whole You”.

I am a fitness loving, fan of healthy living, outdoor fanatic type of gal who will be taking these loves and working towards pursuing the goal of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I can’t wait to take these passions and share them with you to help you live your best life possible.

I will be posting updates along my journey and keeping you all “in the loop” on how things are progressing. Feel free to leave me comments, feedback, contact me directly or just enjoy my posts.

I look forward to what lies ahead and what this new journey brings my way and can’t wait to share my experiences with you. 😊

For more information or to contact me direct please feel free to email me directly at thewholeyou2016@yahoo.com

Follow me on Instagram: @thewholenewyou


In health and happiness 😊💞

Kristen Douglas


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